Mini-project on HTML5(with CSS and Javascript)

From what I have remembered, it was 8 years ago when I’m doing a coding on HTML. When I received the mini-project email from Sir Rom, at first it was a challenge since I need to go through with HTML5 presentation and self-study on CSS, as well as the JavaScript because the project will cover the HTML 5 (plus CSS and JavaScript) that will allow the user to create resume with the following feature:

1. Offline Saving of Data (using Firefox)
2. In-place editing
3. Re-arranging of Sections (Personal, Education, Research and Publication, Referees)
4. Validation of Required fields (Personal: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email Address and Telephone number. Education: Year, Institution, Degree. Research and Publication: Author (1 or more), Title, Date, Conference/Journal. Referees: at least one with full contact information)

However, when I’m doing the coding stuff, it was fun to do it because HTML 5 is so easy to learn and I was able to create the mini-project. Though, I wasn’t able to do the “saving offline of Data (using Firefox)” feature. But, I’m happy to say that I was able to finish the “Validation of Required fields” part of the mini-project, though I’m not sure if I did the “Re-arranging of Sections (Personal, Education, Research and Publication, Referees)”. I have tried to do the offline saving by using manifest functionality of HTML 5 but no luck. I wasn’t able to incorporate it on the project, maybe I need to dig deeper to learn the said functionality.

Moving forward, to learn the mini-project that I have created, please read the instructions below:

1. Click on the link

2. Input the required fields. Once you have completed it, click on “Save” button, you will receive an error message if you missed any required fields.

To end this blog, until now I’m still reading more articles on HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS since I believe that this will help me with my chosen career and with our CS 291 (Social Computing) subject.


One Response to “Mini-project on HTML5(with CSS and Javascript)”

  1. Jose Asuncion Says:

    I need a dropbox account to view your project. Maybe you can host it somewhere more public?

    If you’re having trouble with javascript/HTML 5, you can use the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for your javascript needs. GWT is a framework for building AJAX applications using Java but since you mentioned HTML 5, I’d like to point out that Google Wave runs on HTML 5 and is built with the Google Web Toolkit.

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